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Three Ways Families Can Benefit from Journaling

Write that thought down! We can all agree on one thing: We are in a unique time in history. By recording our thoughts (even our aches and pains) we have recorded a memory. Educators tell us writing improves learning. Therapists tell us writing is a form of recovery. Writing provides a means of self-reflection that encourages problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Journaling is basically having a conversation with yourself. In these times of isolation, connecting with ourselves is especially important. Writing leads to personal growth. In our stay at home family, we all benefitted from journaling.

My top three reasons for journaling:

  1. Self Expression. Writing can provide a constructive way to destress encouraging emotional growth. Unstructured writing or sketching in a personal journal is a great habit to develop for us to learn to express ourselves. Writing is therapeutic.

  2. Academic Growth. We have all heard, Practice Makes Perfect! It is true. Want to play a musical instrument? Practice! Want to be a better swimmer? Practice! Want to become a better writer? Guess what? Then write more!

  3. Personal Development. When journaling we can learn more about ourselves. What is really important to us, and to our children? It shows up in our writing. Journaling is a form of active learning where we become more focused on our goals and self-reflection. Looking back over what has happened in our lives improves our growth. How can we do better?

Expressing ourselves, becoming better at writing, and personal development all are reasons to journal. I challenge you to see how creating a habit of writing in a journal, can benefit your family. The best gift of journaling is the gift of confidence that learning to do something well provides! Go for it! Let's grow together!

The journal I kept years ago was recently uncovered and was helpful in reconnecting me to my past when writing my recent children's book, A Dolls' Christmas Party.

"Once formal education begins, the child is ready to journal ... even if it amounts to simple drawings. Journaling is for all ages." Rita Cheek

“Writing in a journal each day allows you to direct your focus to what you accomplished, what you’re grateful for and what you’re committed to doing better tomorrow. This, you are more deeply enjoy your journey each day.” Hal Elrod

“I’ve always written. There’s a journal which I kept from about 9 years old.” Maya Angelou

“I don’t journal to ‘be productive.’ I don’t do it to find great ideas or to put down prose I can later publish. The pages aren’t intended for anyone but me. It’s the most cost-effective therapy I’ve ever found.” Tim Ferriss

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” William Wordsworth

“Journaling helps you to become a better version of yourself.” Asad Meah


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