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The Icky Sticky Hair Day

The Icky Sticky Hair Day

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 3.53.32 PM.png

The trouble all started

with slippery slime, 

that I NEEDED to hold 

in my hands at the time...

How many times have we made mistakes that have led to unresolved conflict?  Reading this book with a child can help teach us how to learn and recover from those mistakes.  The real value comes from the conversations after the story.  

Share this, and your own story, with a child today. 

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A Dolls' Christmas Party

A Dolls' Christmas Party

One thing I know about little girls, no matter their age, they love a good tea party.

In a time, not so long ago ... in a place not so far away, three sisters hosted a dolls' tea party, an enchanting celebration!

Perhaps it was all of the loving preparations, the joy of being with friends around a candlelit table laden with yummy treats, or the beauty of the snowflakes drifting down on the lovely countryside that created the magic. When the snow started to fall just at tea time, a brother spotted a delivery truck coming down the country road. The children ran outside and gathered around, and the driver unloaded a HUGE mysterious box. The box was opened and guess what the children saw? Some believe that moment was when the real magic began.

Many years later, the wonder of a Dolls' Christmas Party remains in the hearts of those children. The little girls have grown up, with little girls of their own who adore tea parties and love sharing this beautiful family tradition with their friends.

Every girl can imagine and delight in a tea party anytime, anywhere, by simply opening this little book.



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