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Ms. Rita would like to invite you into her world of creative writing and drawing. Ms. Rita knows how important creativity is for all of us and believes by learning to express ourselves creatively we learn more about who we are and are able to operate more authentically. She would like to see every child have the opportunity to grow in this area. Whether it is writing, drawing, playing a musical instrument, or doing a sport we know it takes practice. Ms. Rita is offering her classes for your child to learn and practice the basics of drawing and/or writing.

Ms. Rita's Style 

After years of teaching in a classroom, both in public and private schools, Ms. Rita formed her teaching style. She was greatly influenced by the homeschool movement that eventually turned out to be a good fit for her five children.  While living in the country she provided an opportunity for art classes for children who came from all parts of North Texas. Now with the stay at home family, she realizes online classes work very well for connecting directly with children. It is fun to bring children from all over the country together in one class! 

Let the fun begin! Scroll through the classes below to discover the joy of drawing and writing and to sign up for upcoming classes.

Go ahead and contact Ms. Rita if you are interested, can't find a suitable class, or need more information. 



art begins with a line!

Ms. Rita uses a drawing method designed to help the student observe the world through what she calls "artist's eyes". By observing the world in a way that breaks everything down to the simplest form, we can all learn to draw no matter our age or skill level. All it takes is *Desire *Education *Practice.

The elements of art are presented in a fun and lively manner. No two children are alike, and no two of Ms. Rita's classes are exactly alike. Yet, all classes revolve around the fundamentals. Ms. Rita's online classes are intentionally kept small so she can create the best of both worlds through individual attention and the support of a community.  

Required: black fine tip Sharpie, thick black tip Sharpie, colored markers or crayons, paper, folder to keep their work. Recommended for Grades 2 and up, and customized per age and skill level.  (If you are interested in a class for a younger child, let Ms. Rita know!)

Ms. Rita offers free and fee-based drawing classes.

Cost: $90 for 6 group classes (Please inquire about the multiple siblings discount.)



Language arts happening here!  Comprehensive creative writing program starting, as always, with the basics. Ms. Rita shows children the poetic elements that are in their everyday speech and boom ... poetry is born!  Journal writing and pleasure reading is encouraged.

Ms. Rita's Creative Writing Class is for anyone desiring to improve their writing skills. The classes run small so individual attention can be given to each participant. Ms. Rita begins by teaching the basics of keeping a journal as a lifelong habit.  The journal strengthens writing skills and self-expression. Students will learn to create a storyboard where they can develop and organize, then complete their invented stories and poems. Ms. Rita's years of experience in writing and in working with children makes this class a perfect fit for anyone needing to grow their writing and communication skills. 

Required: a spiral or bound notebook for journaling, writing materials (pen, pencil, colored pencils). Paper and a folder. Post it notes. 

Ms. Rita has a love for the written word and knows how reading goes hand in hand with writing. She encourages independent reading for enjoyment and will have the student keep a log of what they are reading. 

Recommended for Grades 2 and up. If you are interested in a class for a younger child, let Ms. Rita know.

Cost: $90 for 6 group classes. (Please inquire about the multiple siblings discount) Ms. Rita also offers a once-a-semester price that is more affordable. 


Beginning and Advanced

Words Have Power! 

Ms. Rita's Storytelling Classes are fast becoming a favorite!

Imaginations run wild in this class. Ms. Rita has noticed that children are more creative than adults because they are not as committed to the outcome but naturally flow into the process. Children are not as bound by rules and can easily think outside the box. 

Very quickly students learn that it is not only what is said that is important, but how it is said. Verbal communication skills in both speaking and writing are covered.

*The Art of Storytelling

*History of Storytelling

*Types of Storytelling

*The Elements of a Story

*Reading and Sharing Literature

*Famous Author Visits Sharing Their Relevant Tips

*Journaling with Both Words and Pictures

*Creating Stories in Class Together and Separately

Ms. Rita's Drawing Begins with a Line Class is encouraged as a prerequisite to the Storytelling Class. When we connect our words with art, we take our words beyond... to a higher level. Each adds value to the other.  

The Storytelling Class is ideal for the student that is hesitant in writing yet loves art (or the other way around).  Ms. Rita believes art can open the door to every other subject so this class is a natural in developing new skills by combining art, writing, and speaking. Ms. Rita's Storytelling Class leads the way to improve communication skills on all levels for a more literate student. 

Required: black fine tip & medium tip Sharpie, coloring mediums (markers, crayons, colored pencils, or watercolors), Writing materials (pen, pencil, colored pencils). Mixed Media Sketchbook.

Cost: $90 for 6 group classes (Please inquire about the multiple siblings discount) Ms. Rita also offers a once-a-semester price that is more affordable. 

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