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Meet the Author ~ Events

"The fire of literacy is created by the emotional sparks between a child, a book, and the person reading. It isn’t achieved by the book alone, nor by the child alone, nor by the adult who’s reading aloud—it’s the relationship winding between all three, bringing them together in easy harmony."   ~Mem Fox

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Ms. Rita is ready to visit your school/group and meet her readers ... in person or virtually!

Create a lasting impression on your children by having them meet the author!

~Ms. Rita's Gatherings & Readings~

Why are author visits so important? 

  • When authors are able to visit with their readers, the children are inspired to think and dream bigger about their own unique talents, often launching our next generation of artists and writers.

  • Hearing an author in person invites the child into the story behind the story, providing the child with a deeper connection to the book.

  • An author visit enables a learning experience and becomes a memory where the reader is now able to connect with the person behind the book and learn more about the process of writing and publishing a book.


When & how did
Ms. Rita become an author?

In second grade, Ms. Rita read her first real chapter book, and it greatly moved her. As she finished the book, she realized she had tears flowing down her cheeks. Right then and there she made a strong resolution to become an author one day. Throughout her childhood, she was always and forever drawing people. She liked to make dramatic stories to go along with the people. Over and over again, and on every scrap of paper everywhere, she drew people.


Ms. Rita went to college and studied English and Art. She became a teacher. She loved teaching because she loved her students.

Ms. Rita became a mother of 5 beautiful and rambunctious children. She and her husband, Randy took their wild brood and moved to the country where she created a school for them.

Many years later, Ms. Rita finds herself writing and illustrating stories of the adventures she had in the country with her family. There are so many! 


About Ms. Rita's Events

  • Ms. Rita loves meeting and connecting with students and rekindles the magic of childhood in each delightful event. Sharing is at her core.

    • Ms. Rita can sign & add a personalized message to each child’s book when this info is provided to her before the event.

    • Each reading is as unique as each audience and Ms. Rita takes the time to connect with her audience

  • Ms. Rita's enthusiasm for the arts, whether writing, drawing, or story telling will create a connection with the children's imagination.

    • Activities for teachers and children to follow the event can be provided.

    • An activity can also be provided for during the event, including your choice of drawing, writing, or storytelling. 

  • Each child will be thrilled to have the book in their hands knowing they can relive this memory each time they read their book.

  • Use Author Events as a fund-raising opportunity for your school or program. 

  • Feel free to talk to Ms. Rita about your goals for your group and discuss with her how she can align her presentation along with those goals.




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