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Things to Consider in a Private School

With the school situation today as it is, there are many people looking at their available options. As much as I loved homeschooling our five children, I realize it is not for everyone. There is so much to consider and so many wonderful private schools available today.

Your child spends the better part of his day in school. Finding a fit for your family is critical. As a parent and a teacher I have spent a life time thinking of what I think is important in a child's education. The choices you make for your child today effects your child academically and influences their world view.

The first thing that pops to mind for most parents when considering a school for their children is physical and emotional safety. Cost and location may be a consideration and this is where scholarships and car pooling may help.

Other considerations:

1. Class size (fostering good relationships and individual attention)

2. Quality teachers who are accessible

3. Strong principles and values demonstrated and taught (development of character, family support, respect for authority)

4. Academics along with applied knowledge and practical life skills (wisdom)

5. Leadership skills and abilities

6. Nurturing spiritual development

Sixty percent of graduating seniors are not academically prepared for college. On top of that, many that are academically prepared lack the ability to apply the knowledge they have learned.

There are many considerations involved in this important decision. Trusting instincts and knowing when and if it is working for your child is the key to making changes.

My biggest tip is visit the school and look at the faces of the children. Do they seem happy, energized, respectful, alert, and eager to learn? If they don't, then keep searching. I would love to hear from others. I know I just touched the tip of the iceberg today, but I felt compelled to share!


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