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Enjoying Cousins to the Max!

Cousins are often a child's first friend. They are certainly some of the first to teach us fundamental lessons in relationships. Although siblings hold us accountable, cousins make us want to be better. When a cousin holds us accountable, it is a moment when we stop and pay attention.

We just wrapped up Grammy Camp 2021. We had long days of swimming, family barbeques, homemade ice cream, game playing, crafts, reading, and just free time. I found Legos to be one of the best things that almost all ages could do together.

I loved watching the cousins play. It was beautiful. It was natural and fun ... most of the time. Tense moments were erased by valuable time working things out. I heard accusations and tears from the playroom. Someone felt mistreated. I just listened from the kitchen, and soon they were all hugging.

Children are fortunate that have families that value the time cousins can spend together. Playing and learning and figuring things out. Cousins play an integral part in a loving family.

Our oldest granddaughter recently told me that being the oldest cousin was an honor for her. She felt proud to be a role model. Comedian Jim Gaffigan says, "Cousins are like celebrities for little kids. If little kids had a People Magazine, cousins would be on the cover."


Cousins are family, but not as annoying as siblings

Cousins cheer you on

Cousins are there at the most important life moments ... sad or happy

Cousins know when you are struggling and help you out

Cousins can turn ordinary into exciting

Cousins share hand me downs

Cousins usually are who you have your first sleepover with

Cousins share your love for family

Cousins understand the craziness of your family like no one else

Cousins love you fiercely

Cousins are forever!

"We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun." Winnie the Pooh


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