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Who is Rita Cheek?


Ms. Rita is a certified teacher in Art and English who has spent many years teaching public, private, in-home, and online classes. Ms. Rita began her teaching career in public schools, and after she started her family took her art program to private schools. As her children grew, Ms. Rita taught more and more classes in her home, which lead her to home-educating her five children.

Ms. Rita continues to offer her art and writing classes online to students, who range in age from kindergarten to high school. She believes the small group setting benefits the student by allowing her to work individually with each student and yet also allowing them the needed camaraderie of a supportive group. While homeschooling her five children, she realized the mix in age levels is a natural and beneficial setting. Ms. Rita's philosophy of process over product is evident in her classes. She believes the arts can provide a door into every other subject and that expressing creatively is a NEED for children.  Recognizing this value of self-expression has lead Ms. Rita to be a lifelong advocate of pushing for the arts to be available for all our children on every level.

Ms. Rita draws on her large family experiences for her inspiration and has written and illustrated three children's books. 

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